SidBlaster - Commodore music is not dead.
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To download the latest version Go here!

NOTE: Remember that you will need to install libsidplay.

SidBlaster is a console frontend for libsidplay. I have implemented various
goodies to make SidBlaster easy and comfortable to use. This includes a  cute
playlist, the ability to change  sub-song  in  an  easy  way  within  a  sid,
adding/removing sids from the playlist in notime with  the  filebrowser,  and
more. Please read the CHANGELOG to see what new features  that  are  avalible
in the current version. For the moment it works  with:  FreeBSD,  NetBSD  and
Linux. SidBlaster is licensed under the GNU GPL, and developed by Psyd

Version 0.6.2
	+ Optimized scrolling. Faster, more stable.
	+ Big changes in the help window.

Version 0.6.1
	+ Now you can search/find sids by name in your
	  playlist. 'F' to use it.
	+ Added two keys to the browserlist. 'home'
	  will goto the top of the list and 'end' will
	  goto the verry bottom of it.
	+ SidBlaster can now be compiled on OpenBSD,
	  thanks to Christian Weisgerber.

Version 0.6
	+ Added a mixer to let the user have more
	  controll over the output levels. 'M' to use.
	+ Fixed a small bug in the handle_time().
	+ Minor curses-source cleanup.
	+ Now it takes much less CPU when _playing_
	  sids, but not in "idle" mode. Im gonna
	  work this out later.

Version 0.5.3
	+ Fixed a serious bug in the handle_time() 
	  function that printed random data on the
	  WMain window.
	+ Added more commandline options to controll
	  the sid-engine. (-h more more information.)
	+ Minor sourcecleanup.

Version 0.5.2
	+ A bug as been fixed wich got present when
	  you deleted all the files in the playlist and
	  then added new ones.

Version 0.5.1
	+ Fixed some linking warnings with Linux/FreeBSD.
	+ Fixed a coredump that accured when changing
	  songs with an empty playlist.

Version 0.5
	+ Added the power of multithreading ;). No more
	  slowscrolling when you play your sids!
	+ Major changes in the physical code structure.
	+ Made the 'nice borders' default because more
	  ppl use a supporting term (xterm etc.) so
	  remember to use '-n' if you DONT have support
	  for it, else it will look crappy.
	+ More commandline options avalible to control
	  the sid-emulator engine. '-h' for more info.
	+ You can now use the browser to add sids in a
	  more usefull way. Try it for your self or wait
	  for the documentation =P.
	+ Various source cleanup.
	+ The browserlist didnt cover the whole window,
	  but now it do. (Strange Ive missed it before ;>)
	+ Fixed a bug in the handle_goto() function.

Version 0.4
	+ Now you can goto a specific sid in no-time.
	  Just press 'G' and enter the sid number.
	+ Made some minor cleanup on the source.
	+ Solved a bug that made it possible to get a
	  negative number of sids in the playlist wich
	  crashed the program when more songs were added.
	+ Solved a bug wich crashed the program while
	  playing the last object in the playlist and
	  deleted an entry above.
	+ The browserlist is now sorted.
	+ Added another key, ENTER, to load sids in the
	  browser. Some ppl like it better that way.
	+ Added another key, 'r', to delete entries in the
	  playlist. All terminals dont like the 'del' key.

Version 0.3
	+ Now you can load sids within SidBlaster.
	+ Made the class objectvector dynamic so its only your
	  memory that sets the limits.
	+ Added support for nice borders. not all consoles
	  support it. use the -n option to use it.
	+ Now you can delete sids from the playlist ;).

Version 0.2
	+ The Makefile now supports FreeBSD, Linux and NetBSD.
	+ Change the outputvolume within SidBlaster.
	+ Added support for stopping a sid at any moment.
	+ Fast scrolling now avalible with PgUp/PgDn
	+ Helpwindow is now avalible! ;)

Version 0.1
	Got the whole thing to work. no more no less =). But I can say
	that more is to come. The main features of SidBlaster is:
	+ Scrollable playlist.
	+ Change song within a sid.
	+ Easy to use and neat curses interface!

If you do not have libsidplay installed, please install that first.  Download
it from the link at the top of this page. Once you have  libsidplay  in  your 
system, just follow theese steps (X.X is version):

1. Download SidBlaster to you system from the top of this page.

2. Decompress the file:   
      $ tar -zxvf sidblaster-X.X.tar.gz

3. Get into the directory:
      $ cd sidblaster-X.X

4. Compile it! the system parameter can be 'freebsd' 'netbsd' or 'linux'
      $ make [system]

5. Install SidBlaster (you have to be root)
      $ make install

Then you are ready to enjoy some kewl sidtunes!

You can load your sids at the commandline if you want.  And  sidblaster  will
add them to your current playlist. Do it like this:
      $ sidblaster mysids/*.sid

You can also load your sids within sidplay by pressing F2 wich brings up  the
file browser. Press F1 to get more information about the controlls.

To disable the "nice" borders, that doesnt work on all terminals,  use  '-n'.
      $ sidblaster -n

use the -h or -? option to get more information on command-line options  that
are avalible in the current version.

Have phun!

The main player (8.7KB)
The file loader (9.9KB)
The mixer window (6.6KB)
-"Can you see anything?"

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